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Soundodger 2 » v1.0.2 Now Live – fixing blurry images and hungry eyes

Ahoy Avoiders!

We just pushed out a minor update addressing a few QOL fixes. The biggest changes depend on what you care most about, so feel free to read below and decide for yourself!


changelog v1.0.2

  • Fixed bullet size bug affected by recently-removed large bullets
  • Tweaked Silvergun (expert) pachinko chaos
  • Changed text objects to always display the most recently-created objects on top of older ones (This fixes several background text issues in Bean Bounty)
  • Changed Hungry Eyes achievement to only work in Vengeful Eyes (expert) and updated achievement description too
  • Fixed enemies showing certain particle fx when hidden / not currently visible

Level Select

  • Added sfx when viewing album art
  • Fixed blurry album art previews in Main / User levels
  • Fixed missing thumb art being blurry


  • Removed feedback button (please use the #bug-reports channel in our Discord)