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Artifact Seeker: Legend of Aurorium » V1.0.17 Regular Update

We are about to release a prologue version

Thanks to all the players of who have been supporting our game, we are going to release a free prologue version of the game on January 16th. The prologue version will have exclusive new event and artifact, and you can also experience the new character – Vina, Vina is a very powerful mage character, proficient in various magic skills.

The three of us would like to ask everyone to wishlist the prologue. The prologue is an important exposure opportunity before our release. It will largely determine how many players will see our game when it is officially released. The prologue wishlist will be a huge help to our team. thank you all!

Please everyone! ! !

PS: The wishlist is really very important for indie game on steam. If you haven’t wishlisted “Artifact Seeker” before, please do so. This is really, really important to us. Thank you all.



– If the artifact obtained by Event is already in the backpack, a random artifact will be obtained instead.
– Event rewards and combat difficulty are now related to the map that appears


– Fixed the issue where changing skills in the store would trigger scavenging

Thank You:

A big thank you to all the players who have provided us with feedback and suggestions. You have made “Artifact Seeker: The Legend of Aurorium ” even more enjoyable. We are aware that there are still areas for improvement, but we are constantly working hard. We hope you will continue to support us, add to your wish list, and provide us with feedback at any time. 🙂

-Devs Team of “Artifact Seeker”