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Artifact Seeker: Legend of Aurorium » V1.0.13 Regular Updates


– New elite enemy, Minotaur Champion. He was imprisoned in the underground labyrinth of Zarus. Minotaur is no joke. Everyone should be careful about his presence.
– New elite enemy Corrupted Scorpion, he will wander in the forest
– New elite enemy Spirit Bear, he will forage in forests and snowfields
– New elite enemy, The Immortal. You will encounter him in the Hell Arena.
– New elite enemy Necromancer, you will encounter him in the Hell Arena
– New common enemy flying eagles. They like to swoop down on enemies and usually appear in the forest.
– New common enemy rhino. They charge at the enemy’s butt. They usually appear in the snowfields. Everyone should protect themselves.
– New common enemy firebomb. They have explosive personalities and will self-destruct if they disagree with each other. However, if you can defeat them before they self-destruct, they will cause a big blow to the surrounding enemies.
– New Event Scout from Hell, explore the Hell Arena and win rich rewards. But hell is not peaceful. Don’t go there if you don’t have enough strength!

## Adjust
– Adjust room scene fog rendering effect
– Optimize the performance of experience gems
– Optimize character animation IK
– Greatly increased the difficulty of combat in the underground of Zarus Labyrinth

## Bugfix
– Fixed the problem that DPS statistics of Storm Swirl could not be counted
– Fixed an issue where some text in the dialogue text could not be displayed

Thank You:

A big thank you to all the players who have provided us with feedback and suggestions. You have made “Artifact Seeker: The Legend of Aurorium ” even more enjoyable. We are aware that there are still areas for improvement, but we are constantly working hard. We hope you will continue to support us, add to your wish list, and provide us with feedback at any time. 🙂

-Devs Team of “Artifact Seeker”