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Artifact Seeker: Legend of Aurorium » V1.0.12 Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

We wish you a happy new year. Hope everyone could enjoy the holiday and be with your families. Merry Christmas!


## Adjust
– Optimize the frame rate of dung pig animation
– The difficulty of the boss on map one has been reduced, and the strength of the elites on map two has been increased.
– The refresh button adds a 1 second cd to prevent miss clicking
– Optimized the stats of skills upgrade to make the sense of growth stronger when upgrading skills.
– Flame Trail, Black Hole, Magic Sword, Skeleton Soldier, and Toxic Beetle now have higher Int/Str growth rates
– Skill replacement interface supports viewing skill damage statistics

## Bugfix
– Fixed the problem of remaining summons between battles.
– Fixed the problem of drawing probability of events
– Fixed the issue where some achievements could not be completed when Playtest transitioned to the Demo version.

Thank You:

A big thank you to all the players who have provided us with feedback and suggestions. You have made “Artifact Seeker: The Legend of Aurorium ” even more enjoyable. We are aware that there are still areas for improvement, but we are constantly working hard. We hope you will continue to support us, add to your wish list, and provide us with feedback at any time. 🙂

-Devs Team of “Artifact Seeker”