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Legend of Feather » V1.0.1.0 version update

Game adjustments:
1. The bug that the ore does not refresh has been fixed, and the frequency of encountering ore will be greatly increased.
2. The movement speed of normal-difficulty monsters on the Bluestone Coast is increased by 30%.
3. The projectiles of some monsters can penetrate armor and ignore the player’s defense.
4. The character will be invincible for 5 seconds after resurrection.

New content:
1. Three new basic magic weapons: Ice Staff, Fire Staff and Drum.
2. The new purple magic weapon Ice&Fire and Ghost Cone
3. The new orange magic weapon, Sanzen Sekai.
4. Open a new level Qinglong Swamp.
5. Open five new training skills, which can only be unlocked after completing tasks.
6. Added a 2x speed mode in the setting interface, which needs to restart the battle to take effect.
7. The game has added German language support.