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Peglin » v0.9.22 Patch Notes

We are so excited to bring you this update full of new content and bug fixes… including the highly anticipated class Spinventor. We have lots of goodies in this v0.9.22 release!

New content and changes:

• [New Class] Spinventor: 15+ new orbs, and 10 new relics
• Choke Mod recoloured
• Spinterest Payment now rare
• Refreshorb renamed Refreshircle
• Stone has been renamed to Pebball
• Pebball no longer included in the pools of Roundrel and Balladin
• Roundabout removed from Peglin’s pool
• Sworb removed from Peglin’s pool
• Ripostal Service removed from Peglin’s pool
• New save data backup system that attempts to address issues with save data corruption. If your save data is corrupted, it will attempt to restore the latest backup instead.

Bug Fixes:

• Orbs no longer get permanently stuck on Slimed pegs
• Cruciball Unlock issue fixed
• “Battles ending early before reinforcements arrive” has been fixed
• Added spacing to Status Effects text
• Spider Fight movement no longer times out
• OfferRing now hits Slime Boss when eaten
• Class Sprite no longer shows only Peglin in the map
• Beckoning Crit no longer counts coins collected during navigation
• Roundabout hits Knights properly
• Fiery Furnace now gives Ballwark properly when a shield is destroyed
• Egg no longer breaks on bombs