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Peglin » v0.9.15 Patch Notes

New content & changes

Beckoning Crit [New Common Relic]: Every 7 Coins collected triggers a crit.
Bag of Orange Pegs [New Rare Relic]: Provides a damage multiplier that increases the fewer unpopped pegs you have remaining on the board after your shot.
Spinterest Payment [New Orb]: An orb that gets stronger the more gold you’re currently holding(/hoarding)
Highway Orbbery [New Orb]: Can be upgraded past level three any number of times
• Ballad’s base damage has been reduced.
• Shop chance in ‘?’ nodes has been reduced.
• Orbert’s Story now has a 7% increased chance for chests to grant a rare relic (description will be updated later due to technical limitations).
• Basalt Toadem [Relic]: Requirement removed, will always offer max HP increase now.
• Forge event upgrade damage has been reduced.
• All status effect icons have been redrawn and freshened up. We also now have a visual language to distinguish between buffs and rebuffs.
• Au Auger art has been updated.
• Bouldorb: artwork changed to have an outlight and a slight recolour to help differentiate from stones.
• Balladin [Class]: Starting Ballwark increased to 6
• Protectorb and Bucklorb: Gain less frequent, but 3 times as potent
• Crit and Refresh pegs that were created by orbs or relics now have slightly different art so that it’s more clear which ones will move betewen shots (and other interactions)

Bug Fixes:

• Reduced instances of Refresh pegs occasionally disappearing and having their count reduced for the rest of battle
• Tooltips on upcoming orbs have been fixed to not display through other windows
• Pierce should now work properly on Dull Pegs
• Removed exploit that made it possible to access locked classes via the character select screen
• The Double-Edged Sworb fixed to not deal self-damage when hitting first refresh peg (if drawn with no pegs to refresh)
• Morbid now stacks and should act like Orbsium multihit if Morbid is >1
• Demon Wall art updated to accommodate for recent camera changes