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Entomophobia » v0.84.81 Entomophobia Update

Hello fellas,

In this update, I have fixed some things, added Hamburgers (a healing item), and added some in-game achievements that unlock the ability to get certain weapons, bringing it closer to the progression of version 1.0. I also changed some of the UI, moving the timer, kills, and shells gathered number into the top right corner, with a bit larger text size and a drop shadow making it a little easier to read. 👍

more details below:


– Added the ability to scroll the character select and weapon select with click and drag.
– Added some in-game achievements that unlock certain weapons.
– Added the ability to pull the bug box handle without having to release the mouse button first.
– Added Hamburgers, which are a healing item, that restores 20 health.
– Made the Bug Box show the cards of the level-ups it gives.


– Stopped Collisions with bugs when dodging.
– Made the Achievement Menu slide into view rather than appearing upon opening.
– Redesigned some of the in-game UI.
– Changed Enemy Outline to pinkish/purple when the enemy is corrupted.
– Changed Level up background particles to the new Exp Blobs


– Fixed Meta progression level-up prices.
– Fixed Bubble Poison tick damage continuing after the effect was over.
– Fixed some damage popups being negative.
– Fixed and Optimized the movement of the Character.
– Fixed inconsistency of exp and shell pickups.
– Fixed Turret Damage popups not spawning.

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