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Entomophobia » v0.83.80 Entomophobia Update

Hello fellas,

In this update, I have fixed many things, such as the speed of characters and distance of dodge rolls were faster or slower depending on fps which is now fixed, and dodge rolling makes you invincible as was always intended. I also linked up a stamina stat which has been in the game but I never used, and this is displayed on a radial bar located around the character’s feet, so thats cool. 😀

more details below:


– Linked Stamina stat that has been unused for the past 2 years
– Added a ring around the player’s feet to display the current stamina value (only visible while it is regenerating and was recently used)
– Added some different cursors.
– Added a back button in the position of the previous exit button, which backs out of the pause menu.


– Upped Bingledorf’s Speed
– Upped size of Ron’s passive fear range: 5 -> 8
– Buffed Weapon Size buff card
– Changed the Exit button on the pause menu to be in the bottom right corner, to lessen the likelihood of someone accidentally ending their Run early.
– Optimized Camera movement script
– Optimized dodging code


– Dodge rolls make the player invincible for the first half of the roll.
– Movement is now the correct speed no matter the fps value.
– Dodge distance is now correct no matter the fps value.
– Fixed Ranged enemies being machine guns when running the game at low fps
– Fixed Menu popups being different speeds depending on fps
– Fixed Turret error
– Fixed Enemy error
– Fixed upgrade error
– Fixed Mighty Beetle’s error of not sucking in shells
– Fixed Lemon Disk error
– Fixed Bug splatter error

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