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Entomophobia » v0.82.73 Entomophobia Update

Hello fellas,

In this update, I have added a couple of settings, the bubble blaster weapon, critical hits, and made adjustments to some things.

more details below:


– Added Bubble Blaster Weapon which shoots out little poisonous bubbles.
– Added Critical hits which are based on a character-based luck stat that currently isn’t visibly shown.
– Added Graphics Setting to turn down bloom
– Added a Setting to Disable Bug splatters.
– Added Reload Speed and Extra Ammo Upgrade Cards.
– Added Rainbow Lights to the level-up, because why not?


– Polished the pause menu, settings menu, and info book pop-up.
– Changed Mighty beetle script to avoid weird pauses on sucked-in exp blobs and shells.
– Changed Damage Popups, now more animated and adjustable for future stuff.
– Adjusted Exp level-up amounts.
– Adjusted GunUI stuff.


– Turret Error
– Lemon Disk Error
– Salamander Ring Errors
– Jill Passive Error
– Mighty Beetle Error

[Patched an error in this update on Dec 4th, 2PM]

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