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Entomophobia » v0.81.70 Entomophobia Update

Hello fellas,

In this update, I have done some balance, added optional outlines for enemies, and fixed some stuff.

more details below:


– Added Optional Enemy Outlines
– Added an Info page that says what certain dropped items do.


– Fixed inconsistent Exp blobs
– Fixed Exp bar updating incorrectly.
– Fixed Warehouse map being unwinnable.
– Fixed River map having a random collider that blocked the player from going down too far.


– Lowered spread of Uzi from 25-20
– Lowered health of Big Beetle, Butterfly, cockroach, and caterpillar
– balanced Exp level up amount back down a little bit.
– Changed shell(currency) art
– Balanced Some weapons

  • Missile Pack – Raised base damage by 3, raised base missiles by 1, and lowered cooldown by 0.5sec
  • Salamander Ring – Changed rings from all going to nearest enemies to the first ring targetting nearest enemy, and any following ring going to random enemies.
  • Thorns – lowered cooldown for early levels
  • Fire Zones – raised base damage by 3
  • Corrupting Wand – fixed corrupt enemy hits, added 2 damage to enemy hits, and added 5 damage to base Corrupting zone.

– Raised Exp value of ranged enemies
– Lowered prices of purchaseable weapons on the menu.
– Removed some unused code from items
– Redid buttons on the pause menu

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