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Entomophobia » v0.80.66 Entomophobia Update

Hello fellas,

In this update, I have added some sounds, a fire weapon, a couple of settings, fixed some things, and changed a lot of stuff.

more details below:


– Added Fire Zone Weapon.
– Added a screenshake setting.
– Added sound effect to Missile Pack weapon.
– Added sound to Salamander Ring weapon.
– Added sound to Cornflake weapon.
– Added sound to selecting a character via keys
– Added selected character swapping on key hold.
– Added a wobble to unanimated Enemies.
– Added an auto gun aiming setting.
– Added a little effect above spent ammo.


– Fixed Salamander Ring weapon displaying as “banana” in Damage Report.
– Fixed Bingledorf and Jill dying causing the player to need to force close the game to get back to the main menu.


– Changed salt shotgun aim to aim directly at the center of the enemy’s collider.
– Changed Ron’s passive visual, removed the first part which darkened the screen for a second or so.
– Changed Exp blobs from the yellow bug goo color, to bright Green, Blue, and Pink.
– Increased size of Exp blobs by 25%
– Stopped cornflake from moving while paused.
– Increased time between salamander ring throw by .2s.
– Altered level-up exp amounts.
– Nerfed butterfly speed and health.
– Doubled Salamander Ring Weapon Damage.
– Redid achievement menu visuals.
– Redid setting menu visuals.
– Redid the background of the main menu.
– Moved buttons around on the main menu.
– Reduced the speed of Debra to 4.3 from 4.7.
– Buffed Missile Pack Weapon
– Made ranged enemies not have their projectile cooldown count down while the game is paused.
– Updated Bullet Upgrade Card sprite
– Updated Axe Upgrade Card sprites
– Made 4 weapons get affected by added projectile cards
– Changed bullet sprites of the Uzi

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