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Path of Survivors » v0.8.2 – Full game release targeted for January 8th, 2024!

v0.8.2 – Settings Love & QOL Features

Full game release targeted for January 8th, 2024!

– Class Control AI Types to allow for playstyle preferences
– Added two small buttons to switch between classes without having to close the character window
– You can now follow and control any class during a run via a camera button at each class icon
– Two more save slots!
– Fullscreen/Windowed Modes options
– Accessibility enemy scaling for damage, health, and movement speed.
– Ability transparency slider
– Volume sliders

– Tree node tooltip readability changes
– Character stats readability changes
– Stat Power Up shop now unlocks with Centaur
– Bestiary now unlocks with Knight
– Shared Tree now unlocks with Assassin
– Equipment / Ability empty stat slots now say “Craftable Stat Slot”
– Being hurt now does a screen-wide red flash (no more chromatic aberrations)
– Active Event now darkens the edges of the screen
– Global messages now popup on lower left of screen
– Loot now travels to closest class

– Fixed bugs related to switching between save files