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Entomophobia » v0.76.49 Entomophobia Update

Hello fellas,

In this update, I have added 3 new characters, and a weapon, changed some systems, added some settings, and more.

more details below:


– Added Ground Nana Weapon.
– Added Three Characters.
– Added Graphics Settings tab.
– Added Windowed Mode & resolution settings.
– Added unlock achievements, for any character that is not the first 4.
– Added a hit pause to Enemies.
– Added a level-up SFX
– Added in checks to avoid achievements save file being overwritten.


– Fixed Invincible Wasps.
– Fixed Effects on Bugs staying visible while dead.
– Fixed a heavy performance problem at the end of a Run.
– Fixed GunUI being incorrect.
– Achievement Popup animations will now play when the game is paused.


– Removed constant saving and its performance impact.
– Removed Error causing code in Turret Weapon.
– Removed some performance impacts from Uzi and Ak-47


– Lowered speed gain of Ron’s Passive by half.
– Updated visuals of the Axe Weapon.
– Changed Bullet velocity.
– Stopped gun from rotating while the game is paused.
– Scrolled camera out by 15%
– Shortened Scrollbar in Map Select
– Upgraded Menu Visuals.
– Sped up Level-up Card Movement.


– Optimized Axe Weapon.
– Optimised some other code.

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