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Entomophobia » v0.74.34 Entomophobia Update

Hello fellas,

In this update, I have added some new weapons, fixed a few things, and optimized some of the code.

more details below:


– Added two new Weapons.

  • Corrupting Wand: places zones that corrupt some enemies, which causes them to attack other bugs.
  • Missile Pack: shoots out missiles that home towards enemies.

– Added Enable Logs settings, if there are problems happening in the game, you can turn this on, and it will create log files into a folder on the Desktop named “ENTOMOPHOBIA_LOGS”. which can then be sent to me (KaeGore) through the discord server, or emailed to


– Fixed Music & SFX sliders starting at 0 volume.


– Hitcheck performance increased by 50%
– Increased Turret Weapon performance.
– Increased Upgrade Performance by 88%
– Increased performance of bug movement.
– Increased Status Effect performance by 29%
– Increased Enemy update performance by 48%
– Increased Passives performance by 5%
– Removed a performance-heavy calculation.

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