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Entomophobia » v0.72 Entomophobia Update

Hello fellas,

In this update I have added in-game achievements, some ranged enemies, changed boss drops from having a drop rate, to always dropping but with a lower shell value, and more.

more details below:


– Added in-game achievements, for better tracking of stats.
– Added changing colors to the buy buttons of characters.
– Made the Mighty Beetle drop get sucked in like exp objects do.
– Added ranged enemies, there are currently 3 types of pathing:

  • Pather: moves towards the character until a certain distance then sits still and shoots, also runs away if the player gets too close.
  • Hoverer: goes towards the player until within a certain distance then circles the character.
  • Stationary: stands still and shoots.

– Added ranged enemies, there are currently 3 types of pathing
– Added a use for the danger color overlay setting, which is now overlayed above ranged enemy projectiles.

Ranged enemies are outlined in blue, these are the 3 ranged enemies that were added in this update.


– Fixed settings menu sometimes not
– Fixed some end-game errors.


– Changed the speed and damage of butterflies
– Changed the base stats of characters.

  • Debra: SPD: 4.5 ➡ 4.7, HP: 100 ➡ 110, HP REG: 0.25/s ➡ 0.26/s
  • Cletus: SPD: 3.5 ➡ 3.8, HP: 100 ➡ 108, HP REG: 0.25/s ➡ 0.32/s
  • Agnes: SPD: 4, HP: 100 ➡ 89, HP REG: 0.25/s ➡ 0.37/s
  • Rindhart: SPD: 4 ➡ 3.2, HP: 100 ➡ 147, HP REG: 0.25/s ➡ 0.21/s

– Changed the grenade weapons visuals.


– Removed 12 no longer used/unachievable achievements.

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