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Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath » v0.7.110

The updated has been released last Friday, however, we didn’t manage to list changelog during the weekend, so here it is:

  • new sound effect of electric zap made by Wool Gang;
  • added a dedicated sound effect for Warlock Boss’s evil spell:
  • now rune item details (both regular and rare) contain information that the item affects a specific skill, to avoid confusion among new players;
  • fixed a bug where a killed Elite Troll dropped a had of an Elite Ork Grunt instead of own head;
  • increased damage of dealt by Frenzied Cloudlet (from 200 to 300)
  • reduced critical rate of Red Artillery; now it’s every 5th hit (on level 1) up to every 2nd hit (on level 6) (note: unfortunately decription on level 1 is outdated, but descriptions of higher levels of that skill are correct);
  • updated skill description of Ancestral Totem; now it correctly informs what the skill actually does;
  • slightly decreased damage done by “stomping” of the Ancestral Totem at max level;
  • some minor optimalization of “body parts” of killed enemies.