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Geometry Arena 2 » v0.3.6 Update

This is a combination of beta updates from v0.3.6t1 to v0.3.6t2, and some changes made since then, now available on the default branch.

Update Log

Fixed a bug where the Climber achievements were not correctly affected by multi-level.
Added a new upgrade type, Charge.
Adjusted colors of some upgrade types.
Added 12 new upgrades, including 8 charge type upgrades.
Removed Revolver module Rapid Fire Enthusiast.
Added Revolver module Rapid Fire Master.
Modified Revolver module Shotgun Muzzle and Wild Rapid Fire。
Reduced mastery level requirements for some Revolver modules.
Added Tracker module Duel Zone.
Modified Tracker module Quick Strike, Accurate Tracking and Long Range Preference.
Reduced mastery level requirements for some Tracker modules.
Polished some text descriptions.


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