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Survivors of the Dawn » V0.3.6 New Weapons & Controller Support?

Howdy Partner!

Long time no see!
However, we are back with an update fresher than ever, and it’s full of new weapons and stuff.

New weapons!
Most of the feedback we got from you revolved around variety of weapons so we are back with new auto-weapons, each having their own unique attributes. We’re really excited to let you try it out now!
Do let us know what you think!

5 new auto-weapons has been added:
  • Typhoon R44: Missiles thrown at the faced direction.
  • Blight: Generates a toxic gas area when dropped.
  • Flamemaw: A turret throwing constant flames.
  • Tesla Beam: Beams of electrical damage to immediately freeze the enemies.
  • Saberlight: Pink laser sabers thrown at faced direction.

Better controller support is here! Another popular demand also wasn’t left unanswered…
It is available on almost everything in the game including majority of the menu, the rest of the in-game support is coming really soon! Stick around!

FMOD integration!
We got lots of feedback that the sound would overlap in a little too annoying way. In order to fix that we adopted FMOD into the game.
It sounds way better and well-settled compared to the previous one! Hear it for yourself, we promise it’s worth the try!

HP regeneration?
Remember the times when you regenerated HP whenever you travelled to the next floor? It’s gone now. Some voices came to our ears that the HP regeneration made the game wayy to easy so, we decided to take it back which accelerates the roguelike-ification of the game. We did some balance though, you’ll still be able to survive partner!

10 More Random Events! Balanced for more reward benefits.

Optimization polishes nonstop on-the-go, for the ever-improving gameplay experience. Movemement logic has been optimied to make place for many more hordes.

♨️ What’s cooking? ♨️
  • UI/UX is WIP right now. We are working on a layout that is pausable and manageable during the gameplay, and one that’s easier on the eye.
  • Metaprogression elements is getting diversified all, say no more.
  • More challenging boss fights and enemy behaviour.
  • Floor tasks
⚙️ Changelog

⚡️[QoL] Controller navigations enabled for WASD at the same time.
⚡️[QoL] Heptic feedback added on the controller.
⚡️[QoL] Key prompts (Controller and Keyboard) shows up at the start of every floor now.
⚡️[QoL] Controller navigation has been improved on the main but still a WIP.
⚡️[QoL] Controller dash button changed. (LB)
⚡️[QoL] Controller auto-aim toggle button changed. (RB)
⚡️[QoL] Dialogue text speed increased.
⚡️[QoL] Market and Random Events accessibility for controllers added.
⚡️[QoL] Salvage Pods that drops Bounty Chest time shortened.
⚡️[QoL] Rewind item description updated.
⚡️[QoL] Controller navigation on the map added.
🚀[Featuure] Reroll & Skip added. They can be found in the yellow Unknown terminals. Who knows? They may even be found on the Upgrade screen in the future?
🚀[Feature] 10 additional random events added with more reward benefits.
🚀[Feature] FMOD upgrade sound improvements.
[UI/UX] UI of the elements in the markets improved.
[UI/UX] Synergy descriptions on Level Ups, and name puntos updated.
[UI/UX] Upgrade name colours changed.
[UI/UX] Rejuvenate item icon changed.
[UI/UX] Auto-weapon icons changed.
[UI/UX] Upgrade screen transition from the main menu screen changed.
[UI/UX] New splash screen art.
💥[Fix] Button position placement issues on ESC pause menu fixed.
💥[Fix] Herds flocking together fixed.
💥[Fix] Controller navigation issues on upgrade/item selection.
💥[Fix] Weapons firing after floor cleared fixed. (Saberlight, Typhoon R44)
💥[Fix] Aim choice changing on the next floor fixed. It saves the choice now.
💥[Fix] Controller manual aim overlap with the character fixed.
💥[Fix] Tool Belt, Output Enhancer, Processor description typos fixed.
🎧[Sound] Main menu music filter issue fixed.
🌍[Localization] Turkish & Russian improved.


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Huge thanks & cheers!
Stay tuned for many more to come!
indieGiant Games 🤘🏻