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Swarm Grinder » v0.3.4b1 – BETA BRANCH UPDATE (YUP BETA IS HERE!)

Fuel System Changes

Active skills now increase fuel consumption rate by 2/s instead of 3/s when first obtained.
Both active and passive skill upgrades now increase fuel consumption when first obtained, but they do not increase fuel consumption when the level of the upgrade is increased.

Skill Changes

Spiral Shot now fires its bullets in smaller angular intervals to complete one full rotation.

Skill Upgrade Changes

Negative aspects have been removed from most skill upgrades, but to maintain balance, some upgrades that had their negative aspects removed have been slightly weakened.

The first level of upgrades is now much stronger compared to the second and third levels, due to the change related to fuel consumption.

Workshop Upgrade Changes

The issue of the “Burn Duration” upgrade resetting the duration of the skill instead of increasing it when given points has been resolved.

The fuel reduction amount of the “Overcharge Consumption” upgrade has been reduced.

Mining Expedition Mode Changes

  • The map’s growth rate has been slowed down by 10%.
  • The spread rate of cells has been reduced.
  • The probability of empty cells transforming into full cells has been decreased by 25%.
  • The attack speed of melee enemies has been reduced by 35%.
  • There is now a higher probability of Bio Shards dropping enemies appearing in the early stage of the game.
  • The Bio Shards mode bonus for normal difficulty has been removed.
  • The amount of Bio Shards dropped by crystal enemies has been reduced.

High Difficulty Mutator for Mining Expedition Mode

  • A “High Difficulty” mutator has been added to the Mining Expedition mode. You can experience the game at a higher difficulty by enabling this mutator.
  • When High Difficulty mutator is on, you need to clear 30 Mining Zones instead of 25 to complete the mission.
  • Enemy cells grow 15% faster compared to normal difficulty.
  • Enemies have 40% more health compared to normal difficulty.
  • Enemies deal 20% more damage compared to normal difficulty.
  • Enemies are 30% faster compared to normal difficulty.
  • The last Mining Zone grows 33% faster than the rest of the map.
  • More Bio Shards dropping enemies appear compared to normal difficulty.
  • You earn 2 Bio Shards per minute survived.
  • When you play with High Difficulty mutator on, you receive a 30% Bio Shards bonus at the end of the run.
  • Successfully completing the mission gives a 50% Bio Shards bonus.


  • An achievement has been added for killing a certain number of enemies by dropping the Drilling Station on them during a run.
  • An achievement has been added for completing the game with the “High Difficulty” mutator on.
  • An achievement has been added for completing the game with the “High Difficulty” mutator on, without distributing points to any Workshop upgrades.

UI/UX Improvements and Fixes
  • The issue of the “Critical Explosion” upgrade description not appearing in the Build Display screen has been resolved.
  • The description of the “Global Count” Workshop upgrade has been updated to be more understandable.
  • The term “Attack Delay” has been changed as “Firing Interval” to make it more understandable.
  • The Terms box that appears on the right when a new skill or skill upgrade is obtained can now be scrolled.
  • The issue of some upgrade levels not appearing in the name on the skill upgrade obtaining screen has been resolved.
  • On the game end screen, you can now see how many Workshop upgrades you can unlock with your total Bio Shards.
  • A “Kills” counter has been added. You can enable this counter in the “Options/Interface” menu.
  • The “wrap around” feature while navigating with a keyboard or controller in the Workshop screen has been removed.


The game’s performance has been significantly improved.

Link to latest roadmap details that’s arrived –> Roadmap with the changes