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Swarm Grinder » v0.3.3f3

UI/UX Improvements and Fixes

– The text and duration of the “Incoming Wave” message now appear as an animation for better visibility.
– Fixed an issue where the information box at the end of the game displayed “24” instead of “25” for the cleared area count.
– Skills in the indicators now fill up from bottom to top for a more natural appearance.
– Resolved an issue about the information box would blink when navigating with the mouse on the Build Display screen.
– The headings in the “Perks” section of the character selection screen now appear in different color and bold for better emphasis.
– Added the option to adjust the visibility of enemy health bars in the Options/Interface section. Options include always show, never show, or only show if damaged (default).
– The game can now be switched between Fullscreen and Windowed modes. Hopefully, with this patch, resolution-related issues should be fixed too???
– Fixed an issue where the progress bar image in the icon before the boss appears in the mining area would not change.
– Added the information “Enemies evolve over time” to the description of the Mining Expedition mode.
– The issue where achievements would disappear and reappear upon entering and exiting runs should be resolved.
– The “Show Enemy Damage Numbers” option has been moved to the Options/Interface section.
– Fixed the “Damage” information in the Mortar/Nuke upgrade to be corrected as “Area.”

Audio Improvements / Fixes

– The sound volume of the Wave music has been slightly lowered to achieve a better balance with the theme music.
– The sound of the Vortex Blades has been slightly lowered.
– Cleaver now repeats its sound with each turn.

Visual Improvements / Fixes

– Fixed an issue where the upper body of the Butcher character would appear in front of the drilling station when he moved behind it.
– Fixed the issue where the shadows of falling Bio Shards would stick to them. Now the shadow operates independently from the Bio Shards visuals.
– The animation speed of the Vortex Blades now changes according to the strike frequency.
– Enemies that drop Bio Shards now trigger cells around them in a graded manner, similar to how the waves trigger the cells.
– Fixed an issue where the visual of enemies that drop Bio Shards would teleport when attacking at the final level.
– Fixed an issue where the boss’s surfacing animation doesn’t appear.

Gameplay Improvements / Fixes

– The numerical increase in damage taken from enemies according to the level has been rebalanced.


– Fixed the issue where the “Survive for 10 Minutes” achievement would sometimes be delayed in unlocking.