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Neophyte » v0.3.02 Patch Notes

  • Added full controller support.
  • Reworked Spell – Burst: Create an explosion at target position up to 13 tiles away, dealing (65% power) arcane damage to enemies within 2.5 tiles.
  • Reworked Spell – Meteor Form: Leap into the air, causing an explosion upon landing that deals (300% power) fire damage and stuns enemies within 3.5 tiles for 2 seconds. You move 50% faster while airborne.
  • Reworked Rune – Power Fist (Flashover, previously Flash): Uppercuts instead trigger every 5 casts and also release a cone of electricty up to 10 tiles towards target direction, dealing an additional (150% power) lightning damage to enemies.

  • There is no longer a 1 frame delay between casts – spells can now be cast on that same frame that the current spell cast ends.
  • Apparition: Spirits are now summoned in front of the player.
  • Black Hole: The black hole is now summoned in front of the player and slowly moves towards target direction.
  • Chain Lightning: If no target is detected, this spell now targets the furthest position towards target direction instead of targetting the cursor position.
  • Electric Field: Now targets player position, damage reduced from 65% of power to 60%, duration increased from 5 seconds to 6, radius reduced from 7 tiles to 6.
  • Fireball: Projectile speed greatly increased.
  • Ignite: Damage increased from 100% of power to 110%.
  • Lava Chakram: Cast speed slightly increased.
  • Power Fist: Spell description changed for clarity.
  • Ravage: Familiar bite size and speed increased, spell description changed for clarity.
  • Teleport: Maximum range reduced from 15 tiles to 12.

  • Apparition (Terrify): Stun duration reduced from 3.5 seconds to 3.
  • Ghost Form (Exorcism): Ghost familiar now lasts for 6 seconds and bounces off walls.
  • Ignite (Jumpstart): Damage increased from 200% of power to 220%.
  • Meteor Form (Hypervelocity): Flight time reduction reduced from 50% to 25%, now increases airborne move speed bonus to 100%.
  • Teleport (Telefrag): Target detection radius increased from 1.5 tiles to 2, added visual effects to show target detection radius.

  • Enlightened: Fixed typo in emblem description.

  • Enemies have lower base stats but now gain bonus life and power at later arenas, which should make runs easier at the beginning and harder towards the end relative to previous versions of the game.
  • Challenge elites appear less often and have less bonus power, but have higher bonus life.
  • Challenge Elite – Infested (Purple): Spawn fewer spiders on death.

  • Added separate menu pages for audio, video, and game settings.
  • Added button to reset controls to default.
  • Improved control input icons.
  • Tome – Cooldown Speed: Bonus reduced from 18% to 15%.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash after pressing the “start” button in the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug where the Invigorating Strike emblem was granting more mana than intended when casting spells with specific runes (e.g. Lash (Hydra)).
  • Fixed a bug where the Time Leak emblem could cause the game to freeze if triggered while standing next to a wall.