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Picayune Dreams » v0.3.0.5

Here are the latest demo updates. You can follow along more closely on the official Picayune Dreams Discord. Please keep in mind that this is just a demo and there is no “real” late game currently. Looping through bosses is just for fun, and while we want that experience to be semi-balanced and enjoyable in it’s own way, it is not reflective of the finished game’s intended gameplay loop.

v0.3.0.4 – February 1st, 2023

– The amount of Peril earned per Mortality level now increases by Mortality itself, so it will start out buffing enemy HP at the same rate but slowly increase more and more.
– While Peril is active, the XP dropped is now divided by the Peril percentage.
– Removed several C4 explosion frames.
– Stopped infinitely repeating off-screen C4 explosions.
– Optimized when killing huge groups enemies with blackholes.
– Optimized several weapon hitboxes.
– Slightly increased gamepad axis deadzones to stop random ‘drift’.
– HP is now drawn on the GUI layer, so it will be above everything.
– Telecom was missing a closing curly brace in its description, so I added it back.
– Warpers now teleport 128 pixels away from your current position, rather than directly at your X/Y. The direction is randomized, however.
– Warper movement speed nerfed: 0.75 > 0.5.
– Warper charge cooldown nerfed: 5 > 6 seconds
– Sawblade Damage buff: 40 > 50
– Dagger Glove Damage nerf: 50 > 40
– Dagger Glove “directional degrees” nerf: 10 per whip > 15 per whip
– Scale Module Driller nerf: 25% weapon size > 20% weapon size
– Cooldown Module Driller change: (debuff: -5% move spd) > (debuff: -10% weapon size)
– Cooldown Module Driller nerf: 15% CD > 10% CD
– Movement Module Driller change: (debuff: -15 hp) > (debuff: -25% pickup radius)
– Movement Module Driller nerf: 15% move spd > 10% move spd
– Absorb Module Driller change: (debuff: -10% weapon size) > (debuff: -5% move spd)
– Absorb Module Driller buff: 30% pickup radius > 40% pickup radius

v0.3.0.5 – February 5th, 2023

– Peril HP scaling no longer applies to bosses, because it made fights go for too long.
– Dagger Glove’s internal cooldown wasn’t dependant on gamespeed, but now is.
– Micro Blackhole (skill) projectile movement speed wasn’t dependant on gamespeed, but now is.
– Enemy spawning will now check if gamespeed is >= 0.01 to avoid enemies popping in while the game is paused.
– Blackhole now scales with Weapon Size.