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Picayune Dreams » v0.3.0.3

Stepford has been working so hard on the demo, that I’ve completely fallen behind reporting these updates. They are all being shared over on the Picayune Dreams Discord, but I want to have it documented here as well.

v0.3.0.2 – January 28th, 2023

– Power system has been changed into the new Peril system.
– Power used to lower your damage down to 25%, however it had little effect on fast hitting weaponry, could hit a cap and was too slow scaling. The Peril system works entirely opposite, where enemies get MORE health (about 5% every mortality level) after 25 mortality. This means all of the weapons keep their balance relevance as well as rewarding the player with more XP for playing that far.
– Fixed an issue where the weapons in the end screen would be printed twice.
– Halo is now drawn on one of the lowest layers. Please tell me if this creates visual bugs anywhere!
– Slime Spike Damage Nerf: 25 > 20
– Slime Spike Cleansehit Nerf: 30 > 45
– Slime Spike Knockback Nerf: 2 > 1.5
– Missile Onhit Damage Nerf: 15 > 10
– Chainbelt Size Scale Nerf: (0.025 x version) > (0.01 x version)
– Eye2 Cleansehit Buff: 8 > 5
– Crown Pickup Radius Buff: 10% > 15%

v0.3.0.3 – January 30th, 2023

– Made Peril’s enemy health boost even faster, around 15% HP per Mortality.
– While in Peril, all multilevel generic enemies (skulls, souls, fish, gloves) will spawn at tier 3 every time.
– Enemies that are not selected during the first 6 destinations are added to a big pool that the game will present you to choose from while Peril is active, so enemies that you didn’t initialize choose will join the enemy army eventually while doing mega long looping runs.
– Tiptoe-ing while you have a shield recharging will also show your shield CD.
– Tiptoe-ing will also put a yellow glimmer underneath your cursor to make it easier to find.
– Warper Enemy HP buffed: 150 > 250
– Warper fade out speed increased, but fading in is the same.
– Exploder Enemy HP Buffed: 150 > 250
– Spider Enemy HP Buffed: 125 > 150
– Wisp HP Buffed 75 > 150
– Wisp enemies that spawn on their own (through the modifier) have their HP halved.
– Wisp chains follow each other from 6 pixels further apart.
– Exploding Enemy modifier now shoots out 4 bullets instead of 6.
– The lowest any of the passive skills can go is now 20% and the highest is 10,000%.