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Tower Survivors » v0.2 – There’s a light (over at the Frankenstein place)

Lots of updates today! I didn’t intend for this to get quite so big, but I was on a roll and I’m very pleased with how it all turned out! Pretty much a UI overhaul here and I think it looks much better. I’ve added tooltips to the skill upgrades shown on-screen, as well as to the tower guard purchase options that tell you more about their stats. I’ll be expanding on this much more later as well, with more full stat displays.

The biggest gameplay addition is the introduction of torches. These will spawn periodically throughout the game (always nearby), so it’s worthwhile to try to find them. I’ll add more loot soon, but for now they have a small chance of dropping food (which heals 5hp) or if not they’ll always drop a coin.

Magic effects are even better now, as you can still get an effect proc by hitting an obstacle, so hitting that tree next to a minion coming at you might still kill it with an acid splash. Arrows also now have a small knock-back effect (which scales with damage boosts) to help counter those new charging minions from the last patch.

And of course I think the most frequently requested new feature is adding health bars to the portal! It will reset each time the portal is activated (to 10hp), and the portal will not deactivate until it hits 0. This should give players a little more of a chance to keep the portal going even if a stray Imp or two happens to breach.


  • New menu screen, with story and instructions
  • Health and gem progress bars
  • Portal now has a health bar
  • Added tool tips
  • Clarified card text
  • Added single display event-based tips
  • Added torches with item drops
  • Added food
  • Health upgrade now permanently increases max health
  • Fixed minions spawning outside of map
  • Fixed map borders being shown incorrectly
  • UI improvements
  • Fire will now stick around after a minion’s death until it burns out, and can catch other minions running through it
  • Magic arrows that strike obstacles will now leave their effect on the ground where they struck
  • Added knock-back to arrows