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Elemental Survivors » v0.2.33 – New area, characters, attacks, and a fix for the Lost Sands area boss

Hello Survivors!

We hope you enjoyed the Bullet Heaven Fest and were able to try a bunch of the games and demos available! Did you have any favourites? We love the genre so much and the devs involved did a fantastic job!

And now for the good stuff… an update with lots of content and fixes!

  • Fixed the Lost Sands area boss.
  • Added the Craggsward area.
  • Added Alishia the Archer character.
  • Added the Arrow Strike attack.
  • Added Samantha the Beaumont character.
  • Added the Rosary Whip attack.
  • Added Steam achievement check when unlocking the new equipment.
  • Fixed Bomb evo damage upgrade.
  • Added code to area features to help slowdown.
  • Turned off sidequests in Journey Mode.
  • Fixed Bomb evo scale not resetting after a run.
  • Fixed Quick Retry not resetting load out.

The next update will be even bigger, which means there will be a longer delay before it gets released. But trust us… the wait will be worth it!

We hope you enjoy the new content and welcome all feedback, as always! The best place to do that is in our Discord, but feel free to use the Steam discussions as I try to remain active in there as time permits.

Have a lovely week everyone and keep on surviving!