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Elemental Survivors » v0.2.30 – New Journey Mode!

Hello Survivors!

We have an exciting update to celebrate the Bullet-Heaven Fest today! Be sure to check out all the awesome bullet-heaven games involved in this festival… there are so many to try!

This update includes a new gameplay mode: Journey Mode! Once you’ve completed the first area, this mode will unlock. It’s a constantly escalating roguelike mode to challenge more experienced players! You can access it from the Area Selection screen by pressing J on the keyboard or Y on your controller. You’ll be airship dropped into increasingly difficult random areas for 1-minute each. We’ve also added leaderboards! You’ll be able to compare how long you lasted overall, and by character! See how high you can rank!

  • Added Journey Mode.
  • Added possible fix to not unlocking the Favour Steam achievement when the secret is unlocked.
  • Increased magnet/gold magnet chances for all areas.
  • Added overload percent information in the HUD.
  • Increased max speed cap.
  • Magic Lance and Poison Riceball evolutions keep the base attack active in addition to the new attack.
  • Increased difficulty of the first area.
  • Added art to the Cleric in character select to indicate she is easier to start (choose her if you are new to the genre or want to just chill).
  • Removed XP bonus from Expert difficulty.
  • Holy Ring attack tweaked: reduced damage, increased cooldown, and decreased Paladin’s damage boost.
  • Added spawns into areas that can appear longer after the final boss appears.

We’d love your feedback on these updates! The difficulty boost in the 1st area should make it more of a challenge for new players. Try refunding your upgrades to test it out, if you dare!

The updates to Magic Lance and Poison Riceball are in response to feedback that players felt evolving these attacks changed the gameplay too much. So now… you get both! If there are other attacks that you feel change too much after being evolved, let us know and we can look into adding those to this new system. Note that the cooldowns for the base version of these attacks will run in the background and won’t appear on the HUD anymore.

We added a graphic to indicate that Crystal the Cleric is a good character to start with if you’re new to the genre or want a more chill session. We have tweaked the Holy Ring a bit to make it not so blazingly enemy-blending, so let us know how it feels. We’re aiming for “fun challenge without making you question your life choices”.

Have fun trying out all the awesome games in the Bullet-Heaven Fest! And feel free to hop into our Discord as we’ll probably be discussing our favourites in there (we already are)!

Keep on surviving!