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Elemental Survivors » v0.2.28 – Magic attack tweaks!

Hello again Survivors!

We’ve got another big update for you! We mainly have some big tweaks to the MAG based attacks, increasing their damage and decreasing their cooldowns, but also some tweaks on how they work. We’ve done a lot of testing to rebalance them, but we welcome your feedback!

  • Longer input alarm in menus for reroll. Let me know if it’s still triggering twice.
  • Added enemy elemental damage and player elemental defense, plus icons to indicate their elemental affinity.
  • Added player damage numbers.
  • Added enemy attacks: slash, stab, punch, and bite.
  • Fixed issue with banish menu navigation on 2nd page.
  • Fixed bug levelling summoner when full MAG or full SPI based attacks.
  • Added max evo level details to secrets menu.
  • Added access to secrets menu from settings menu in game.
  • Fixed volume slider/settings bug.
  • Tweaked damage for bomb evo increases.
  • Tweaked sound effect for magic cards evo.
  • Tweaked puppy zoomies sound effect to play less frequently.
  • Fixed player directional arrow sprite not being updated when selected while in game.
  • Boosted speed, damage, and count for Summon Pet and Shelly.
  • Added Quirky EDM2 minidisc and secret.
  • Added Cyberpunk2 minidisc and secret.
  • Added page navigation in music select menu.
  • Changed Fireball attack to target nearest list.
  • Increased Tornado enemy pick up count.
  • Added explosion count and area of effect to Shelly evo.
  • Shelly and Summon Pet size affected by projectile size upgrade.
  • Shelly now does collision damage rather than specific target only.
  • Magic Lance is now time based instead of pierce count based.
  • Increased damage/elemental damage and reduced cooldown for all MAG attacks.

As always, we welcome your feedback! You can also join our Discord to ask questions or chat with other players and us!

Keep on surviving those elements!