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Elemental Survivors » v0.2.25 – Cocoa the Birdee and Shelly!

Hello again survivors!

I hope you’re ready for some new content and secrets to unlock!

  • Added Cocoa the Birdee and Shelly attack and secrets.
  • Added Accessibility menu with: player hp bar size, player attack transparency, party attack transparency, party transparency, HUD damage fx toggle, camera zoom out toggle, damage numbers toggle (turn this off if you get too much slowdown), camera buffer, player direction arrow sprite, mouse cursor sprite and size.
  • Added Favour secret and functionality. Unlock Favour to be able to select which damage type you prefer to affect what attacks, characters, and equipment you’ll be offered.
  • Added Quick Retry from the settings menu while in game.
  • Add hover info to Banish menu.
  • Tweaked magnet chance inside torches.
  • Fixed glitch where coins were merging as xp gems off screen.
  • Added limits to number of enemy death pops and damage numbers on screen. Let me know how that looks and if it improves slowdown issues.
  • Increased summon speeds and damage.
  • Fixed sidequest eyeball enemy art.
  • Fixed art when switching song backwards.

Thanks, as always, for playing! And you’re welcome to join our Discord to discuss the game and other ideas you may have!