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Elemental Survivors » v0.2.20 – Introducing Gary Lou!

Hello Survivors!

We’ve got another big update to celebrate the start of the SHMUP Fest, including Gary Lou the Wolfguy!

  • Added Gary Lou the Wolfguy character.
  • Added Arrow Blast attack and evolution.
  • Added Gold Magnet secret and drops.
  • Added code in levelup_script_holyring to prevent crash. Let me know if you ever notice the Holy Ring goes away after levelling it up, please! Screenshots and description of what was going on at the time help a lot!
  • Removed obstacle pillars in the Underpass.
  • Updated Broadstrike evo.
  • Updated code for adding elemental fx for enemies.
  • New equipment to unlock including 4 new Offhand items, 3 new Rings, and 2 new Hats!
  • Added Shop Reroll achievement.
  • Added more Banishes to purchase in Perm Upgrades.
  • Added code to prevent banishing all items in a category.
  • Added code for equipment to boost animation/projectile speed.
  • Fixed ground elemental fx “root” to affect speed.
  • Defeating final boss will automatically add zil.
  • Fixed bug where some enemies were doing too little damage.
  • Added levelbar art when selecting an area.
  • Added area boss HP bar at the top of the screen.
  • Added player hit fx and increased the volume of the hit sound.
  • Players can now back out of Evolution Select menus to bypass evolving attacks.
  • Fixed accessing Quirky EDM minidisc in the Music Select.
  • Removed Luck from the max stat check to determine summon type for Summon Pet.
  • Raised number of max evolved attacks to zoom out to 4.
  • Fixed bug with luck negatively affecting pickups.
  • Reduced Luck increases to every 20th level.
  • Rebalanced exp/zil drops.
  • Added descriptions to notifications.

Y’all are welcome to join us in our friendly Discord to chat about the game!

Enjoy the SHMUP Fest!