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Tower Survivors » v0.2.1 – Cool for Cats

Lots of small tweaks and fixes today, but one big new feature: PETS! Right now, I’ve only added one, a small brown cat who joins you at the beginning, but I have plans to make this into a full feature of the game. There will be multiple pets that can be upgraded and you can build up a little army of critters. The idea is that pets will follow you around and serve some of the assistance functions that Tower Guardians do back at your base.

Currently, pets cannot die, but when their HP is exhausted they’ll lay down and nap for a bit. They also can’t be directly controlled, but will basically just follow you around and take a swipe at anything they run into.

Full change list:

Added cat
Performance optimizations around target acquisition
Mob distance spawn fix (may have also been causing performance issues)
Tower targeting fix (prevent targeting enemies who have died and respawned in the same frame)