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Her Name Was Fire » V0.2.0 – Halloween Update

New spooky perks and enemies!


New Enemies

– 4 new enemies, some of which have special characteristics, with higher HP and 10x experience drop rate

5 New Standard Cards

– The Black Cat
– The Witch
– The Pumpkin
– Necrophage
– The Buffalo

New Allegory Boss

– New boss: Temperance
– New allegory card: Temperance

Bug fixes:

– Disabled Bosses’ hitboxes as soon as they reach 0 HP, to avoid receiving unfair damage
– Fixed situation in which players could select both the level up card and a redraw card by glitching the skip button
– Fixed situation in which leveling up while dying glitched the game, made the screen blurry and disabled button functionality
– Fixed inconsistent critical strike values for Thunder Blade
– Fixed issue in which players could have unlimited skips after pressing skip with controller/Enter button

Balancing & Improvements:

– Decreased experience needed to level up between levels 12-20
– Current stage is now shown in pause menu
– Defeated enemies are worth 25% more in the final score, both for Descent and Eclipse modes
– General translation inconsistency fixes
– New Simplified Chinese font for better readability
– Decreased base critical chance from 10% to 5%
– Berserker damage cap increased from 120 to 360

As a side note, we’ve been notified that the existing Simplified Chinese and Japanese translations are low-quality, so we’ve changed localization providers for the new cards.

We want to apologize for the inconvenience, and let you know that we will be fixing the existing issues progressively.

We hope you have fun with this first update. We believe the new spooky cards and enemies push the game in the direction it deserves, by emphasizing the features that make it special. As always, please let us know your thoughts!

Tissue Inu