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First Jam » v0.1.917

  1. Completely redesigned equipment set system.
  2. Introduced universal equipment item.
  3. Added a new character: Golden Banana.
  4. Balanced the values of the Snake Staff, removing attack speed consumption during its release, and adjusted the Snake Altar to no longer consume attack speed for bullet release.
  5. Added a new chapter in the demo section called “Inner World,” accessible by clicking the “Right Button” on the difficulty selection screen, featuring a complete map mechanism.
  6. Introduced a new NPC, the Banana Blacksmith, who can upgrade equipment, change set attributes, and provide alien technology.
  7. Adjusted the multiplier for the roulette system.
  8. Revised and added several items to the merchant’s inventory.
  9. Modified the appearance of the merchant to be consistent with other NPCs.
  10. Added two new monsters in the Inner World, which are exceptionally challenging.
  11. Altered the drop mechanism for level completion and doors, now offering a 3-choice mode.
  12. Implemented keyboard arrow keys for movement.
  13. Adjusted the boss’s stats and attack frequency based on the difficulty level.
  14. Standardized the appearance of NPCs across all difficulty levels.