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First Jam » v0.1.1026

1. Completely redesigned the Blacksmith NPC.
2. Completely redesigned the Roulette Joker NPC.
3. Completely redesigned the Bounty Cowboy NPC.
4. Added a bullet hell phase to the boss fight.
5. Removed some of the existing minions.
6. Added new special minions:
Red Potato Mole: While underground, it continuously shoots stone bullets at you and is very resilient. You need to get close to it, pull it out of the ground, and kill it.
Cotton Candy: Periodically picks up coins from the ground. When it collects enough coins, it starts moving slower and killing it will yield more rewards.
Corn Fire Sprout: The front side of the corn cob is very tough, while the back side is soft.
Sardine Can: Roams around the area, emitting a foul odor that decreases the banana’s attack speed and movement speed. Effects can stack.
Popcorn Bumper Car: Charges towards the area where the banana is located after charging up.
French Fry Man: Constantly accelerates towards the banana.
7. Introduced powerful accessories that synergize with the Bounty Cowboy.
8. Modified the logic of the black hole, causing it to spawn near the banana instead of randomly across the entire map.
9. Adjusted the monster configurations for various difficulty levels to match the addition and removal of minions.
10. Lowered the unlock difficulty for some items.
11. Conducted performance optimizations to improve overall game performance.
12. Optimized and replaced some special effects.
13. Replaced the scene graphics to make them more visually appealing.
14. Added walking smoke for the characters.
15. Added fog effects to the environment.
16. Modified the damage bonuses of some equipment sets.
17. Resolved issues related to duplicate item acquisition and selling.
18. Implemented different clear markers for each character’s progress.