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Horde Hunters » v. 0.5.7

Hello, and Happy New Year! We’re starting the year with a rather sizeable update. Read about the bigger changes below and the smaller things in the full changelog after that.

New party member and changes around companions

The Priest is available as a new hire, setting the ground on fire.

In addition, all party members now have their respective booster item. These items won’t be available on level up unless you have them in the roster. Barracks will now have all the available characters for hire regardless of map and the defend missions may have any of them as a reward option.

Select your preferred weapon and character bonuses

There’s more choices now as far as weapon and character bonuses go. Hoping the list of options will grow in the future but already this feels like a big step in the right direction in making the runs more unique.

Cursor styles

This was requested some time ago but I never got around to adding it in. Now
there’s a few different cursor icons and colors to choose from in the settings!

Endless Village competition with Steam Gift Cards for winners

The leaderboards have been reset from scores made with versions earlier than v. 0.5.5. To repopulate them I thought a contest would be in order (Update: All prior version scores have been wiped).

The top 3 scores made in Endless Village map will be rewarded with Steam Gift Cards. You have 2 weeks to compete, until the end of Jan 17th. Please take a screenshot of the end screen for proof of win just in case. I will contact the winners on Steam by sending a friend invite as that’s how I can send the gift cards through. Excited to see how high the scores get. Good luck everyone!

  1. Winner – 25 EUR Steam digital gift card
  2. 2nd place – 10 EUR Steam digital gift card
  3. 3rd place – 5 EUR Steam digital gift card

On another note, I’m looking for great screenshots to use in marketing. I’ll award Steam Gift Cards for these as well. See the game’s Discord for more details on that.

Full changelog:


  • New choices: Select your preferred weapon 100% bonus and character 50%/100% bonuses
  • New settings: Cursor Style and Cursor Color
  • New party member: Priest – Magic fighter, equipped with a cross
  • New item: Farmer’s Oats – +50% size for Pitchfork
  • New item: Axe Sharpening Stone – +50% critical for Axe
  • New item: Priest Beads – +50% duration for Cross
  • New item: Poison Extract – +100% damage with poison
  • Added party member and weapon information panels to Barracks
  • Barracks has all the party members available for hire regardless of map
  • Defend mission reward can be any of the party members
  • Party member specific items will only be available during level up if owning said party members
  • Increased Axe critical from 1x to 1.2x
  • Added bounce from wall property to Spear and Shuriken
  • Reduced Shuriken range from 1000 to 800
  • Super Ball doesn’t have knockback property anymore
  • Dagger poison damage (weapon 100% bonus) will scale with Perception
  • Tomahawk better alternates multiple projectiles
  • Bow explosive arrow heads will have the same damage as arrow
  • Voodoo Doll item explosion has a 50% larger radius
  • Wishbone item chance dropped from 15% to 10%
  • Character bonus projectiles do not apply to party members anymore
  • Enemies have a stun cooldown (can’t be stunned) of 1s after being stunned
  • Top GUI changes with the XP bar. Also removed enemy kills as it’s not really relevant information
  • Weapons and items are all fixed at 50 gold value and Charisma has no benefit on sell price
  • Charisma no longer gives a bonus for buying party members
  • Critical is added as an option for Forge and Sun Stone upgrades even though it’s not normally an upgrade for the weapon
  • Fire mission water amount is higher if there are heavy winds (similarly water amount is lower in heavy rain)
  • Spring item will show which weapons current have the bounce option
  • Damage numbers will show M for millions when going that high
  • Black Diamond item removed from maps where Forge isn’t available
  • Added a news / patch notes banner to main menu
  • Reset leaderboards up until v. 0.5.5 runs


  • Farmers would sometimes get stuck in the beginning when finding their way home
  • Fire Cape 100% weapon bonus (2x critical) was not applied
  • Shop weapons and consumables remained to be selectable when certain popups were open like map screen
  • Stun damage did not take into account some bonuses
  • You can exploit high CHA to gain endless gold