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Horde Hunters » v. 0.5.6

Hello. This is a bit of a mixed bag content update with a new weapon, couple of interesting consumables and an elite challenge mission. In case I don’t have a chance to drop another update this year, have a happy festive season everyone!


  • New melee weapon: Pencil – A very sharp writing instrument
  • New consumable: Rabbit – Runs towards aimed direction and attracts enemies after it
  • New consumable – Protective Dome: Create a dome that keeps everything on the outside
  • New mission: Elite challenge – Duel with elites that you’ve managed to anger
  • New enemy type that can jump/dash – Both normal and Elite versions
  • Removed mini-boss event that occurred halfway through the game on normal maps
  • Final boss now randomly alters its special attack and indicates it
  • Elites will explode when dying creating damage around the area
  • Non-elite fireballs are smaller, slower and less powerful
  • You can close the level up screen with ESC when you’re on the last screen (weapon upgrades)
  • Added another level to Magnetism power-up
  • Added a cloud graphic to Acid Rain projectile
  • Added a Deselect All button to Power-ups screen
  • Increased all animal damage radiuses
  • Default icon size for new players is “Larger”


  • Enemy damage and other messages should no longer overlap each other
  • Farmer did not target enemies accurately with the pitchfork swing
  • Previously set default “Easy” game setting did not actually modify the difficulty options