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Horde Hunters » v. 0.5.5

Hello. After all the general improvements we’re back on track with more content updates, starting with a new name in the roster!

New character

Introducing Vinnan, a thief class character. Armed with a poison bomb and the ability to vanish and steal coins from enemies.

Precise abilities

You can now make precise ability moves with Leap Slam and Dash up to the maximum range (currently mouse only!). This has been another much requested feature.

Custom seeds

Challenge/Endless maps used to always have the same map layout because of a fixed seed. This has now been removed in favor of runs being less boring. Custom seeds are not gone however but extended in the following ways; You can choose to use the same seed when finishing a run by clicking the new seed icon found on the end screen. You can also choose to play the same seed someone else has played on the leaderboard (when available since this data hasn’t been collected before). You can reset the seed on the summary screen by once again clicking on the seed icon.

Full changelog:


  • New character: Vinnan (Thief)
  • 4 new achievements for Vinnan
  • Precise ability moves with Leap Slam and Dash up to the maximum range (currently mouse only!)
  • Challenge/Endless maps no longer have a custom fixed seed but are auto-generated like on other maps. Custom seeds are available to use in other ways
  • “Easy” is the new default difficulty
  • Reroll costs changed: Starts from 10 gold and increases by 5 each time used until end of run
  • Charisma bonuses changed from 10/25% to 20/50% chance of a free upgrade on level up
  • Character class information added to character select screen
  • Tutorial messaging improved. Added option to change camera zoom level here as well
  • Library and Bandit Camp messaging improved
  • Blood Moon effect is a little less bright
  • Fire missions on Farmlands map happen more frequently
  • Level up 75 coin reward dropped to 60, Mission 50 coin reward dropped to 40
  • The “normal” gold amount to start game with raised from 10 to 15
  • Health amount displayed next to low health warning icon
  • Adjusted weapon attack mode projectile values


  • Ability 100% bonus of 30% longer ability did not affect Jester’s decoy
  • Tutorial had an empty “Goal:” in the event log
  • The number for multiple party members was not aligned properly in the weapon inventory slots
  • You can die and get a mission reward screen before the game ends
  • Sell items popup remained open after selling all consumables from inventory causing some overlapping issues