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Horde Hunters » v. 0.5.4

Hello. This update continues the “Major feedback update” and adds or changes several things players have requested. And it’s a bit of a doozy!

There’s several new settings so let’s go through them one by one. Apart from that some balance tweaks were made especially adjusting mid-game difficulty.

Large Icons

This has been requested for a long time but I had to first figure out how to exactly implement it. I’m hoping the solution I came up with is a happy middle ground for everybody. All the GUI icons for your inventory have been moved to the bottom of the screen and now support small and large icons. This format will also allow for more items in the future.

Zoom Closer to the Action

This is a preference many may prefer and especially on Steam Deck it is IMO a more enjoyable experience. The downside of this is that naturally you don’t see as wide of a screen area but that may not be a factor for you. Try it out and see how you go.

Difficulty Presets and Faster Game Speed

There’s a simple toggle now to switch between all the difficulty modifiers and more of a formal way to say what is “Easy”, “Normal” or “Hard”. In addition, you can set the game speed up to 2x faster. This would mean e.g. a normal 15min run turns into 7,5min and so it can get a little crazy! I have it labelled as “experimental” because I’m not confident I made all the necessary changes perfect (there was a lot involved across the codebase).

Full changelog


  • New setting: Icon Size – Normal or Larger GUI icons for weapons, items and consumables (Default: Normal, Larger on Steam Deck)
  • New setting: Zoom Level – Normal or Closer in-game camera view (Default: Normal, Closer on Steam Deck)
  • New difficulty setting: Preset – Choose from Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard (Default: Normal)
  • New difficulty setting: Game Speed – Run everything faster (1-2x) (Default: 1x)
  • GUI icons for weapons, items and consumables have been moved to the bottom of the screen
  • Level up sound and message will come every time you level up despite already having level ups in the queue (with auto level up setting turned off)
  • Black obelisks appears later in the game with less frequency
  • Blood Moon weather event appears later in the game
  • Flying group of enemies (or single big one) start coming a minute later in the game. Speeds of these groups are a little slower
  • The mid-game difficulty is overall a bit easier for non-challenge maps
  • Bank funds dropped from 25k to 10k
  • Mission arrows are a bit closer to player
  • Golden Heart item changed to gaining 10 coins for every 50 health you lose
  • Several items display a message when if effect e.g. Golden Heart or Present
  • Map goal is shown on screen when starting run
  • Minimum water drops in fire missions raised from 3 to 4
  • Added an information panel for wine and firebomb consumables in the Winery building popup
  • Added Switzerland flag to leaderboard
  • Added gold amounts to leaderboard


  • The undead were not affected by terrain speed modifiers
  • Endless Desert did not display best score in the log
  • Difficulty settings did not save to file in certain cases
  • Could not end run (only exit to main menu) if having the Spoon item with health consumables remaining