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Horde Hunters » v. 0.5.3

Hello. Still continuing to fix some of the issues the big update brought up. In addition, this update has improved windowed mode, balance tweaks and a new item.


  • New item: Mirror – 33% chance to scare common enemies away for 5s (works once)
  • New setting: Window border – show/hide window toolbar and minimize/close buttons (default: On)
  • Windowed area is a bit larger and targets a common resolution of 1600×900 if having 1920×1080
  • Sacrifice (building) change: Player loses 50% health from sacrifice initially, then +10% each time used up to 90%
  • Frequent Buyer Card item increased discount level from 20% to 25%
  • Blood Donor power-up added one more level up to 25%
  • Nicolaus’s super ability (explosive arrow) has a 50% bigger radius
  • The “show collision mask” setting now also includes elites and enemy projectiles
  • Elite screen title changed from “Rewards” to “Rewards Earned” for better clarity
  • Updated Discord graphic in main menu
  • The easier difficulty curve lasts longer for normal maps
  • Small highlight effect on start game button


  • Game crash if closing the game directly in settings e.g. through task manager
  • Gamepad navigation issues after selling weapons or items
  • Gamepad navigation gets lost if selling all consumables from inventory
  • Elite reward “choose” buttons would show up if opening and closing map (no actual harm with this though)
  • There was a rare chance that the 4th level up reward (gold or consumable) didn’t show up at all
  • Boss arena was not visible on pause