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Jetboard Joust » User Feedback Update

This update includes a bunch of features requested by users, keep the feedback coming…

  • Health bars now flip when player / enemies are near the top of the screen so you can always see them
  • Weapon descriptions are now always accessible from the upgrades screen
  • Added setting options to turn off the distorted background and/or text fx.
  • Added setting option to adjust the volume of alert sounds (abduction sound and low health sound) relative to other fx

Plus a ton of other improvements and bugfixes including…

  • Moved ‘auto-hover’ setting to ‘controls’
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong weapon name could appear briefly above weapon crates whilst they were spinning
  • Fixed an exploit that could allow the bosses to be milked for cash
  • Fixed an exploit that could allow endless joust pickups to be dropped when player was low on health
  • Fixed an issue where game wouldn’t launch on some ‘lean’ Linux installs
  • Updated SDL database for additional controller support
  • Numerous other small bugfixes and playability tweaks