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Skybreakers » Urgent Fix V1.1.7-V1.2.2

Version V1.2.2
New Features:

  1. Now you can choose a weapon before the battle begins.
  2. New unlocked weapons and artifact (icon displays “New” in the top right corner).
  3. Upon activating 12 cards of a certain bond, the next wave of enemy kills grants additional Crystal (varies according to each bounds).
  4. Introduction of an Encyclopedia feature (enables viewing of all basic terms, bounds, and talents).


  1. Weapon Unlocking (all characters unlock synchronously):
    • Completing Difficulty 1 unlocks three Sprint weapon;
    • Completing Difficulty 2 unlocks three Secret weapon;
    • Completing Difficulty 3 unlocks threeBasic Attack weapon;
  2. At the end of each wave, when the kill notification appears, it recalculates the Crystal obtained from this waves.
  3. Initially entering the “difficulty 1” provides only the starting weapon.
  4. All difficulties default to having 3 revivals.
  5. Character unlocking adjustments:
    • Completing “Difficulty 2” unlocks Motao.
    • Completing “Difficulty 3” unlocks Haiyi.
    • Completing “Difficulty 4” unlocks Nangong Wen.
  6. [Bell of Taiyi] effect adjusted to: +20% Max Life. Each elite kill grants +20% Attack, weapon enlarges +100%, last for 5s.
  7. [Bottle of Transmutation] effect adjusted to: Gain a damage shield every 5 seconds. Get a Life Tap with each elite kill (cooldown 5 seconds).

Balance Adjustments:

  1. Motao talent ability [Aura] adjusted to blue quality with increased appearance probability.
  2. Syncretism martial arts [Alchemy] adjusted: At the start of combat, every 10 Spirit Stones convert to 1 Dark Iron (maximum conversion of 10).

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed the anomaly issue with the damage limitation effect of the non-Schoolism card [Phantom].
  2. Fixed the issue where selecting multiple cards of non-Schoolism [Recharge], [Leech], [Stealing], [Gambling] only activated one card.
  3. In Abyss mode, first 15 waves’ boss repetitions were rectified in the 30-wave boss spawning.
  4. Rectified the instances where the clones of the character Haiyi completely overlapped in certain situations.