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Attack of the Karens » Updates on Version 1.1 progress, and other news for the studio!

Hey All! I hope you’ve been having fun blasting Karen bots out of the sky and experiencing my game! It’s been amazing to get a 100% positive review score and see streamers and youtubers cover the game! Launching a game is certainly stressful but is also a very rewarding experience!

First off, AotK will be getting a big update pretty soon. Version 1.1 will bring controller remapping support as well as an in-game studio news feed and Kurse challenge events! A bit more on those features below:

  • Remapping support is pretty self-explanatory. This will allow you to remap buttons however you see fit! It’s nearly complete, and I was hoping to get this out much sooner, but that last 10% of adding this feature is causing some major issues, so it’s been a struggle! It’s on it’s way though.
  • The in-game news feed will allow us to communicate with everyone in-game without having to launch new builds. This feature will only be available if you’re connected to the internet, so offline play won’t show a feed. It’s also planned to add this to all Studio Primitive releases both past and future. I’m particularly excited about this as a way to further connect with you and let you know about the awesome things we’re doing with Studio Primitive.
  • Kurse challenge events will allow players to compete with one another in a leaderboard to see who can complete a run using a given Kurse selected by the developer. I’m still figuring out how exactly to score the runs, but I’m thinking it will work based on number of deaths and run time. And of course, there will be some kind of reward for the top players! The idea is to rotate this seasonally and issue a new Kurse challenge regularly.

These updates are taking a bit of work, because I want to make sure they are done right. I don’t have a date yet for when 1.1 will be released, but hopefully it will be soon! Thanks for your patience!

In other news, my brother Grant is going to join me in Studio Primitive making games! While I work on 1.1, we are also creating small jam games for everyone to try! The objective is to get used to working together and continue to build an audience for our games. We try to document as much of the game development as we can, and keep the fans updated during our live Devstreams on YouTube! If you’d like to follow along, follow us on YouTube and catch us live!

That’s all for now, thanks for playing the game! Your feedback and response to the game have been incredible and I’ve enjoyed interacting with everyone!