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R-Type Final 2 » Updates & New DLC Releases from Granzella March 31st Livestream

Today might be a lie, but these announcements sure aren’t!

Granzella had some huge announcements about major updates for R-Type Final 2, otherwise known as…

R-Type Final 3

  1. More stages
  2. More playable ships
  3. World ranking leaderboards are on the way
  4. New multiplayer mode for up to 6 players
  5. Additional museum functionality and customization
  6. Additional smaller improvements

New DLC Releases today!
  • Paid DLC that includes:
    • The OFX-X MARIKO Ship
    • The resources needed to craft the OFX-X MARIKO
    • An exclusive pilot suit and helmet
    • Three exclusive decals for the OFX-X MARIKO

  • Free DLC that includes:
    • The R-9uso 799 April Fool’s Prototype ship
    • The resources needed to craft the R-9uso 799

R-Type Final 3

R-Type Final 3 will be a free update to every owner of R-Type Final 2!
It may be April 1st, but all of these announcements are real! Here’s a link to the full March 31st VOD on YouTube:

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!