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Other World Survivors » Updated on June 17, 2023 (fixed fatal bugs)

We’ve received many feedbacks from players in the prologue, including a fatal bug that can cause both players and monsters to disappear. After a day of investigation, it is basically confirmed that this bug has been eliminated. At the same time, a detailed investigation was conducted on the game and the following updates were made. Thank you for your positive feedback and patience!

-Reduced the overall difficulty of Map 1: reduced the maximum number of monsters generated, and slightly reduced the later monster health.
-Black holes can now absorb barrels, props, experience gems, and bosses.
-The basic attack of Hook Lock has been adjusted to 8->10, and the growth value of each level’s damage has been adjusted to 2->3.
-The growth value of each level of Icecone damage has been adjusted to 1->2 √
-Qiqi’s “Chicken You Fat” upgrade item has been adjusted to: Chicken You Fat! Fried chicken can now ignite enemies for 3 seconds, dealing sustained damage of 5% (at least 2) of skill damage, and an additional+5% for each upgrade.

-Reduce the situation where monsters are brushed onto players’ faces.

-Fixed a bug where players and monsters may disappear after 9 minutes of the game.
-Fixed a bug where regular skeleton bows (bone color instead of red) could not be eliminated by player skills.
-Fixed a bug in calculating the duration of flame spraying incorrectly.
-Fixed a bug where the boss’s health bar was not updated.
-Fixed a bug where the upgrade option for hook locks did not display correctly.