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Horde Hunters » Updated Demo and Leaderboard Competition with Prizes

Hello. I mentioned about a competition in the previous announcement, but wanted to additionally bring up that the Demo version now has access to the Endless Village map as well (it still needs to be unlocked first by completing the Village map). This means demo users may also take part in the competition and potentially win prizes. I’ll reiterate the rules below.

Endless Village competition with Steam Gift Cards for winners

The leaderboards have been reset. To repopulate them I thought a contest would be in order!

The top 3 scores made in Endless Village map will be rewarded with Steam Gift Cards. You have 2 weeks to compete, until the end of Jan 17th. Please take a screenshot of the end screen for proof of win just in case. I will contact the winners on Steam by sending a friend invite as that’s how I can send the gift cards through. Excited to see how high the scores get. Good luck everyone!

  • Winner – 25 EUR Steam digital gift card
  • 2nd place – 10 EUR Steam digital gift card
  • 3rd place – 5 EUR Steam digital gift card