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Arms Evolution: ZOMBIE DESTROYER » Update Ver.1.0.14

1. Add a new feature called “Cloud Map Favorites”, which allows you to view and disable or remove the cloud map nodes that have been bookmarked

2. The pagination in the ‘Battle Memory’ system will now record the level of each memory separately, and there will no longer be an increase in numbers other than+1

3. Optimizing the Star Map to Solve Stuck Problems when Unlocking Difficulties and Adding Nodes

4. Add three combat memories with explosive range level bonuses. Players with a combat level greater than 300 before the update will automatically receive them. In other cases, you will need to collect them yourself

5. Fixed the issue of missing skill upgrade bonus prompts in the skill guidebook

6. Fixed an issue where the skill ‘Quick Loading’ cannot trigger immediate loading completion after a loading time greater than 1.8 seconds

7. Added a 30 second interval for submitting leaderboard data to prevent excessive submissions from temporarily blocking specific users for Steam

8. Special Challenge “Scarlet Tide” Changes:

When a small enemy is about to die, there is a [A] chance to be immune to death and restore 30% health

When the probability of immune death is greater than 95%, the excess will become the probability of immune death for elite enemies

9. Now the cumulative increase in monster movement speed can only reach 10 times the initial speed

10. Difficulty growth after lowering the dangerous difficulty Lv.190