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Arms Evolution: ZOMBIE DESTROYER » Update ver.1.0.12

1. Fixed an issue where the damage increase in the skill ‘Assault Mode’ was actually an increase in total damage, and as a reinforcement, increased the value of the total combo shot increase.

2. Fixed an issue where in extreme cases, the weapon UID may be the same, causing some skills to fail

3. The “basic range” in the cloud image will now increase the minimum range

4. The setting for displaying basic weapon attributes has been added to the settings prompt settings. Once enabled, you can view the random range of weapon attributes, which is only valid for updated weapons

5. The special effects of the laser proprietary skill ‘Ultimate Mode’ are now displayed as regular laser effects in performance mode

6. Now, barrages greater than 300 will also be converted to damage multiplier, rather than being converted to damage multiplier after (firing rate * burst * barrage) exceeds 700

7. Now, archives with an archive time greater than 80 hours in the DEMO version will also be able to participate in the leaderboard

8. Fixed a problem where the weapon’s basic firing rate bonus was increased in high difficulty, causing the firing rate to be much higher than normal when converted to continuous firing

9. Cloud images, now with rare effects such as auxiliary basic efficiency, will reappear in purple nodes

10. The weapons in the leaderboard will now display all skills, not just the skills in the weapon level bonus

11. New feature: Weapon Enhancement

You can spend terminal energy to strengthen weapons in the terminal database up to 100 times.

Skill adjustment

Poisonous Damage Increase: Decreased Total Firing Speed has been lowered, and increased Total Damage has been increased

Hanging Sword: The damage will be affected by the “Penetration Damage” attribute and the charging speed will be increased

Nightmare System: Damage will be affected by the ‘Penetration Damage’ attribute

Ion Explosion: Now causes damage that disregards defense levels and is affected by the “Penetration Damage” attribute. The trigger interval has been reduced to 0.25

Outbound Explosion: Damage will be affected by the ‘Explosion Range’ attribute

Lava Bombardment: Damage will be affected by the “Explosion Range” attribute, with a trigger interval reduced to 0.25

Magnetic Explosion Nova: Trigger interval changed to 1 second, damage is affected by skill trigger rate

Sanctions Holy Light: Trigger interval changed to 0.25 seconds

Hot Ice Inflammation: Now causes damage that ignores defense levels and is affected by the “Penetration Damage” attribute. The trigger interval has been changed to 1 second

Hyperthermal Armor Dissolution: Now reduces enemy’s defense level by a percentage

Cruelty Execution: Now will also increase the damage of “ignoring defense damage”

New Skills

Short range explosives: increase the total explosion range and reduce the total range (exclusive to main guns and missiles)

Explosive Energy Dispersion: Fix the explosion range and convert the reduced explosion range into a barrage (exclusive to the main gun)