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Crypt of the Necrodancer » Update v3.7.4 and the Halloween Event Returns!

Hi everyone! Crypt of the NecroDancer v3.7.4 is now available! Also, welcome back to the Halloween Trick or Treating game mode! For a limited time, compete against other players in an attempt to get the most candy! Have a happy haunted time out there in the crypt.

  • Changed Throwing Charm to trigger the Cutlass’s parry effect during the returning throw
  • Changed Holster to no longer cause a missed beat when attempting to swap manually immediately after an automatic swap
  • Changed items stolen from the Conjurer using Ring of Shadows to sell for 1 gold coin at the Pawnbroker
  • Changed Pawnbroker to stop accepting items after 24 uses
  • Changed Hyperspeed (Bolt + Double Tempo mode) to no longer rapidly use items/bombs/spells when holding down their buttons
  • Changed Hyperspeed Beat Assist Mode to be toggleable in the Options menu without impacting leaderboards
Modding features
  • Added component itemOverrideSellPrice
  • Added function noReturn.isEnabled()
  • Added event event.objectUpdateCloneSprite for altering the sprite a Clone/Mannequin should use
  • Changed object.convert()‘s third parameter to accept tables of field values to apply
    • Field preservation via { componentName = true } is supported as before
    • Attributes are now available in ev.attributes of event.objectPreConvert/event.objectPostConvert
Gameplay bugfixes
  • Fixed Cadence’s penultimate boss charging diagonally when entering phase 2 while winding up a strike
  • Fixed the Pawnbroker’s room not using the correct zone for the additional floor tiles when extending the room size
  • Fixed Lantern being dropped on the ground when thrown via the Throwing Charm
  • Fixed possessed massive enemies failing to move out of liquids when attacking with a Rapier, Cat o’ Nine Tails or Axe
  • Fixed Shrine of Phasing not destroying Charms when activated
Multiplayer bugfixes
  • Fixed disconnected players respawning in the All Characters selection room in online multiplayer and preventing progress
  • Fixed level transitions sometimes resulting in a black screen after a network desync occurs
  • Fixed desync when watching replays of multiplayer All Chararacters Mode runs
  • Fixed Run Summary screen sometimes disappearing without a restart prompt in multiplayer
  • Fixed crash while initializing GOG cross-play support on Linux
Interface bugfixes
  • Fixed invalid leaderboards being used if the AMPLIFIED DLC is disabled while an extra mode is active
Modding bugfixes
  • Fixed resource packs not loading all files when installed via the Steam Workshop
  • Fixed asset extraction menu missing most files if a resource pack is loaded
  • Fixed modded boss-skipping characters being unable to progress Single Zones
  • Fixed Mannequin not using the custom clone skin of the player being copied
Visual bugfixes
  • Fixed some objects not appearing correctly in Versus Mode if the AMPLIFIED DLC is not installed