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RICE - Repetitive Indie Combat Experience » Update v26!

Update v26!

New Weapon: Lightning Staff
– Highly Unpredictable.
– Spams lightning.
– Only deals lucky damage.

– Suppression: +4 Damage against the abyss. (Bronze)
– HPot: On Discard: Heal 1000HP, gain 1 Regen permanently. (Bronze)
– MPot: On Discard: Reset All Cooldowns. Gain 1% attack speed. (Bronze)
– Stacked: +2 Hand Size (Silver)

– New Star battle against ‘Pulsar’.
– Uninitialised Name now causes the secret stage to be more likely.
– Snap now has an effect on the metaboard, allowing it to turn higher rarity cards into lower rarity.
– You can now adjust the maximum amount of enemies the game can spawn. (100-500)

– The amount of enemies that spawn at the start of the stage depend on how many meta medals a player has now.
– Multi-Shot and Branching now have smaller sizes on the meta board.
– Planet rewards will stop auto collecting once you have full active weapon slots.
– Enemies now spawn in waves every 5 seconds, rather than spawning instantly after you kill an enemy.
– Slot effects of the pure lucky damage cards have been buffed so they spaz out a bit less.
– Clicking on a medal in the metaboard no longer instantly changes its position.
– Fixed a bunch of issues/bugs.

Dev Note:
A bit of an odd patch, no main theme, but some new things to play with, some bugfixes and QoL. During playtests ‘Stacked’ has been my favourite card by far, though it doesn’t allow using its bonus for rerolls so it doesn’t feel as strong as it would seem. MPot has more value than one would think as it resets the cooldowns of shield, heal pulse, etc. as well. I have considered changing how cooldowns work so even non-weapon cooldowns gain benefit from attack speed, but we’ll have to see. The new boss is fun as well, though might share the same problems as the previous boss, being too easy if you have high metaprogression unlocked