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Neon Sundown » Update v2.2.1 | Now available!

Hello again!

This is just a small subsequent patch following the winter update that fixes a couple minor bugs discovered in that version, along with finally buffing the projectile drone. (and some other minor visual changes to compliment the changes made in v2.2)

I’ll continue to monitor feedback on this update, and release further patches if required. I also realise some people aren’t a huge fan of the limited time arena due to the fact it wont be possible to 100% the game after the event ends, so I’m looking at options for addressing that.

– Buffed projectile drone (3 now spawn + better pathing)
– Slightly lowered crystal drop rate on Sub Zero

– Fixed shielders not dropping shields on Dynamo
– Fixed being able to die in card-select screen
– Fixed sub-zero button not displaying event info